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Troubleshooting & Support

Question: We just purchased a  new computer and it's Windows 10, 64 bit. A few of the programs that we had installed on our previous computer won't work on this new one, will ComputerCOP work on this new machine?


Answer: Yes, ComputerCOP Premium and the new Standard edition both work on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP machines in 64 and 32 bit environments.


Question: When I click on the Documents button, I see the text and the highlighted word. But is there a way to see it without the computer code?


Answer: Yes. Right mouse click on the display, and choose Open with Application. ComputerCOP will then "call" the application associated with the file. The file will be opened and displayed for you to review, i.e, if the document is a web page, the default browser will open and that document will be shown with its available images for your review. To go back to ComputerCOP, simply exit from the "associated application." ComputerCOP will still be displaying the document.


Question: I have installed the chat/email function, but I don't see any chat or email?


Answer: The chat/email feature is a keystroke capture utility that captures text once one of the keywords is typed. (the keywords that initiates the capture consist of both a small subset of ComputerCOP's keywords  used when searching documents and the words/phrases/names the parent entered when installing the feature). Text typed in prior to the utility being installed is not captured and therefore not viewable with this feature. 

Question: I'm concerned about installing the chat/email key capture function. Will my child be aware every time it activates?


Answer: The capture utility is not intrusive in any way. Further, you as the parent can choose to display or hide the ComputerCOP siren in the taskbar when you install the capture utility. Moreover, you can change your mind and choose to display or not display the icon by clicking on the chat/email button and either checking or uncheck the box next to "Show KeyAlert icon in System tray." Then click the button "Update KeyAlert." Please remember, only a small part of the larger ComputerCOP application is installed on your computer; You will need to run the CD when you wish to update any of the KeyAlert options, including changing the keywords used. 

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