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Show Your Community

You Care with ComputerCOP!

Customized ComputerCOP for Your Community

Sheriffs. Chiefs. District Attorneys.

Now on USB
Internet Monitoring Software
  • Now Finds Videos as well as web, camera and cell phone images loaded on computer. 

  •  Multi-Task Search and Review (Start review  immediately while application continues to search.)

  • Multi-Image Review &  Delete (Review images quickly and erase groups of images with a click.)

  • Updated keywords to include gang and hate group terms.

  • Email, Print or Save what you found during review.

  • KeyAlert immediately emails parent of child's inappropriate Chat or Texting.

Customized For You

 Distribute your departments own customized version of ComputerCOP Parental Internet Monitoring Software as part of your community outreach and safety education efforts.


A perfect complement to your Internet safety education, child fingerprinting, Safety Week, and DARE efforts.


Patented for its ease of use, ComputerCOP is a quick way for parents to monitor what their children are doing online. 


Packaging, the CD  label and the full-featured Internet safety web site are customized with your department's shield, badge or seal and name.


Plus, we'll include an instructional/welcome video featuring your sheriff, cheif or DA that will play as soon as the parent places the CD into the computer


Quickly find out what your child is doing on line.

Web sites visited

Images dowloaded to their computer from phones, camera or social media site


Images  uploaded to social media sites from their computer.


Capture chat and email 


Mac & PC compatible


Multi-page web site offers safety information


Emoticon dictionary


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